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New Product Available - High Impact Polystyrene Hatch Unit

This is from only £145+VAT.

In place of the MDF door we will re-size the hatch opening and fit the HIP hatch unit. This usually means increasing the size of the existing opening. The dimensions of the HIP opening are 726mm x 562mm. The unit has a 45mm pencil rounded architrave and is draft proofed where it meets the ceiling.

The hatch door is draft proofed where it meets the frame and it has a 50mm layer of polystyrene insulation. The door is also removable which gives a little more room if an object is a tight squeeze. The hatch door is secured by a flush fitting twist catch that operates a lever style lock in the centre of the door and two bolts out to the sides. The stowing pole that's used for the ladders will open & close the hatch door.

One of the advantages of this one is that there is no painting required.

Loft Hatch Enlargements

This is only 189+VAT.

If your loft hatch is too small we can enlarge your loft opening.

We will manufacture a new timber loft hatch opening including new hinged trap door and catch system.

This can be made up either beforehand or on the day we fit your ladder if you would prefer to try climbing your new loft ladder in the existing opening with your storage items before your make your decision whether you need the enlargement.

Loft Hatch Repositioning

This is from only 189+VAT.

If your loft hatch is in an inconvenient position we can create a new opening into a better position.

The process will then be the same as for a loft hatch enlargement and we can fit this in timber or High Impact Polystyrene.



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